RJ5 Group LLC

RJ5 Group LLC is developer and owner of the IP rights of iCinDER™ Technical Analysis software for financial markets.

It all started from a project to create a solution that incorporated some previously used concepts in trading. The goal, to provide a solution that would provide answers to market cycles and market timing. The result was iCinDER™ family of technical analysis indicators. Our original development was for Tradestation Trading Platform and was quickly ported to eSignal Suite, MultiCharts Trading Software and Neuroshell Trader – Artificial Intelligence Software .

Our product offerings

  • Software for technical analysis
  • Consulting and Development of custom technical indicators
  • Analysis and Research of financial markets
  • Artificial Inteliigence Modeling and Mentoring for our Neuroshell Trader customers


Market Analysis indicators for trading platforms.

Marketing Consulting

Market Analysis Indicators for NinjaTrader

Financial Analysis

Consulting Services, Development and Research.

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iCinDERTrader launches support for NinjaTrader.


RJ5 Group inks agreement with GoldenZoneTrading for support and consulting.


RJ5 Group licenses iCinDER v2 IP to GoldenZoneTrading for GZT_VelocityMomo.


RJ5 Group prepares for launch of MarketForce indicators for NinjaTrader.